Raising Turkeys

We are raising turkeys!


They really shouldn’t be in the house; right? I mean they are suppose to be food….. ugh.

And… they really shouldn’t be fast asleep on my hubby’s chest; right?  I mean we should not be “bonding” with our food…. ugh.

This wasn’t suppose to happen!

They were supposed to be like the ugly white chickens we raise for meat birds.  The ones that are so stupid and ugly and flightly and plump.  The kind that you don’t mind eating.

But they aren’t ANYTHING like that!!!

They are really relaxed little guys and VERY CURIOUS!


I have to stop this.  I have to stop this right now!

No more talking baby talk to them, no more going into the coop 10 times a day to say hi.  No more! No more!

Did I mention they’ll fall asleep if you pet them on the back?

This might be a turkey-less Christmas.