Hallow’een Is Almost Here! Here’s A Gross Kitty Litter Box Cake!

October 22, 2012 in Hallowe'en, Holidays, Recipes by Cathy

OMG!  This kitty litter box cake is SO GROSS

(but totally awesome for my Halloween parTAY – tee heeeee!)

Notice the kitty litter scooper? That’s for serving the cake. EEEW!

Now you may think I’ve gone off my rocker serving such a discusting cake, BUT hey…I have a sense of humour and I really can’t wait to gross out my friends at our Halloween party.

The …(ahem)…..poop…is made from rolled fudge.

We just made up a boxed cake, topped it with chocolate icing and sprinkled a heavy layer of graham cracker crumbs on the top.  With our fingers we made the four cute little paw prints, covered some of the gourmet poopy with the crumbs to make it look like there was an attempt on the kitty’s part to hide it’s mess.

 I think it turned out pretty good!

Now will my guests eat it? hmmmmmmm…when they see what else i have in store for them they just might!!!